Welcome to Kidzone. Today we finish our final lesson of the year with our “Unfrozen” series and the third lesson is called “Do you want to meet a Saviour.” We often bring our problems to God only as a last resort. Look at your current life situation and pinpoint areas that you need to trust God with before they become crises. Ask God to instil within you and your family a real sense of his love and his care. 


























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Bottom Line: Even when we are afraid, God loves and cares for us.

Objective: Kids will learn that when they trust God, he will take care of them.


Memory Verse: The people walking in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in the land of deep darkness a light has dawned.” Isaiah 9:2 (NIV)


Scripture to read: 

Matthew 2:1-13. The Magi Visit the Baby Jesus. 



Prep – 4 (4-9yrs old) - Super Kids and Thunder Team

Where was Jesus born? 

The Magi found Jesus by following what object?

Why did King Herod want to find the baby Jesus? 

How did God show that he loved and cared for Jesus, Mary, and Joseph?

What can we do when we face scary situations? 


5 – 6 (10-12 yrs old) – Lightning Lions

Who was King Herod? 

How did the Magi know where to find the baby Jesus? 

What was King Herod’s plan?

How did God save Jesus, Mary, and Joseph from King Herod’s plan? 

Have you ever faced a difficult time that God helped you through?



That first Christmas, not everyone was joyful. King Herod was an evil ruler, a man whose heart was dark and cold and turned away from God. When Magi came looking for the newborn King, Herod felt his position and power threatened. He crafted a plan to kill the baby. But God had other plans.

Activity: Have the kids colour the colour-in-picture provided.

Weekly Tasks:


Make this week’s lesson real: 

Help your kids pinpoint areas where they are frightened or overwhelmed. Encourage them to reach out to God and trust him to take care of them in everything. 


Here are some great discussion starters:

- Why did Herod act in such an evil way towards Jesus? 

- How would you have felt if God or one of his angels spoke to you in a dream? 

- When have you been able to see and feel how much God loves you? 


Quiz your child on this week’s memory verse.


Dear God,

 Just as you loved and cared for Joseph, Mary and your Son, and protected them from King Herod; we ask you to love and care for us when difficult times arise. 

In Jesus’ name, Amen.


Thank you for your support and may God bless you all!