Exciting days ahead!

It is good to be settling back into regular church life after what was a wonderfully successful trip to the Philippines. The team did us proud as everyone contributed to the ministry that saw many hundreds of decisions for Christ, many healed and set free and some amazing doors opened to us for future ministry, particularly into the universities throughout the nation. Then, right back into it as we push on with getting our new Ministry Centre ready for us to move into.

How gratifying it is to see the number of people contributing to ensure that we make the best use of the property. So many people with their hand to the plough, from those with building skills offering their services, those not so skilled but still willing to lend their muscle, people ready to pitch in with cleaning and gardening, or those providing morning tea for the workers. This is the church in action and it will be great when we are settled into the Centre and have a home base from which to launch into all the things we will be doing to reach our community and bring the gospel to the world around us.

So thank you to you all, to those who have supported in prayer, as well as those who have helped in practical ways. We are well positioned for 2020 and, like many of you, I am expecting that it will be our best year yet. God has been leading us this far and he will continue to lead us onwards in the great plans he has for Church One.


Seniors Pastors Ted & Amanda

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