Welcome to church today! How wonderful it is that we can gather together in peace in this great country of Australia. Let us always remember to be grateful for the good things God has done and continues to do for us. A heart of gratitude is one that God can touch.

Recently the theme of our preaching has been on Kingdom relationships and this will continue for another couple of weeks. Both our relationship with God – the vertical – and our relationships with each other – the horizontal – are fundamental to our walk as disciples of Jesus. Growing as a disciple of Jesus involves growing in both areas.

Of course, the ultimate purpose of growing in Kingdom relationships is not just so we can have a happy life. As good as that is, as we do grow, we will find our purpose in mission – reaching out locally, nationally and internationally to bring the love of God into the lives of those we connect with. Locally through missions such as 12 Baskets, or collaborating with Chaplains in reaching out to students in Helensvale High School, nationally through the support we give to a work among indigenous communities and internationally in partnership with ministries in places like China, Nepal the Philippines and Hungary.

You are an awesome church, already having a significant impact in so many places. Let us continue to grow together in Kingdom relationships and give our best to the King of kings.


Ted & Amanda Pangilinan

Senior Pastors

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