The importance of honour

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Welcome to church. If you are a visitor or newcomer to our church we particularly welcome you and trust that you are greatly blessed as you worship with us.

Lately we have been exploring the theme of honour – honouring God, honouring our leaders and honouring each other. Showing honour is a key to bring release and likewise a lack of honour can inhibit the flow of the Holy Spirit.

In Matthew 13:53-58, we see that in his home town, Jesus was not shown honour, due to people’s perception of him. They could not understand how he got his wisdom and the mighty works he did. So, the bible says they took offence and showed dishonour towards him. The result was that he “did not do many mighty works there because of their unbelief.” Offence and dishonour were linked to their unbelief, so that even Jesus was unable to perform the works he did elsewhere.

Conversely, when we show honour to others, recognising them as unique, anointed individuals, made in the image of God, we open the way for the Holy Spirit to move powerfully and release all the goodness of God into our lives.

Let's continue to foster a culture of honour within our church, speaking well of one another and establishing an environment for the Holy Spirit to move in power.


Ps. Ted & Amanda

Senior Pastors

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