S. O. A. P.

S.O.A.P is a great way to allow God to speak to you; to open your eyes to the word of god in a deeper way.






Read out the scripture. Out of the passage you have read select a verse that speaks to you.


Analyze the text, what stands out? What are the reoccurring themes and patterns shown? Highlight them.


Write out the Application. This is what the Holy Spirit is prompting you to apply to your life. It may be a command of Jesus to obey, or something to tell a friend, a sin to confess and leave behind, or something your feel the Holy Spirit is prompting you to do.


Towards the end of your devotion conclude with prayer. Meditate on what God has revealed to you today. His Word is a gift, thank Him for it. Ask Him to be with you as you act on your new revelation.

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